Movement for a Better Internet is a collaborative effort to ensure that the internet’s evolution is guided by public interest values. Our movement brings together diverse voices, facilitates connections, shares resources, and drives policy change based on a shared public interest vision and agenda for an internet that benefits us all.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to ensure the internet's evolution is guided by public interest values so that the internet works better for everyone.

Members of the movement will:

  • Provide structured, helpful collaboration for technology policy advocates worldwide.

  • Facilitate conversations and establish connections among a diverse range of groups.

  • Create a shared public interest vision of what a better internet could be—including values, language, and agenda—and share that message through coordinated advocacy, guiding policy work in both local and global contexts.

  • Create mechanisms and frameworks to drive collective action to realize this public interest vision of a better internet for everyone.

The organizing partners will:

  • Bring people together in a movement to promote policies that create a better internet for people everywhere.

  • Collaboratively build a policy agenda that both puts the Movement for a Better Internet on the map and gets us there.

  • Educate, persuade, and activate those passionate about creating a better internet that puts our communities first.

As a movement, we will:

  • Form a shared agenda shaped by public interest values to achieve an internet that works best for our communities.

  • Create a movement hub to facilitate connection and communication among those working to build a better internet.

  • Guide collaborative advocacy efforts—including campaigns, content, and events—to achieve a better internet for us all.

Join the Movement

Organizations that join the movement will participate in a number of activities and benefits, including:

  • The opportunity to shape the better internet agenda and guiding public interest values with the global internet advocacy community.

  • The opportunity to make your voice heard in collaborative meetings, workshops, roundtables, and events while we work together to shape this better internet.

  • The ability to share your own thought leadership pieces, blog posts, social content, events, and other work, creating an internet for the people.

  • The ability to engage with a broader, diverse group of civil society and technology policy organizations, advocates, and activists.

  • The chance to build your reputation, enhance your credibility, and establish connections with the wider community.

  • The chance to stay informed and move quickly on opportunities to create a better internet.

  • The opportunity to engage with a larger audience as the movement grows.

  • The opportunity to benefit from potential funding tied to movement objectives.

Organizing Partners