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Guided by a public interest vision and agenda we build together, reflecting shared values like openness, diversity, privacy, and equity.

About the Movement

The internet lies at a crossroads. It is a tool for information sharing and community building, but it is also fraught with harms that must be addressed like disinformation, deceptive privacy practices, and consolidated gatekeeper power. The next iteration of the internet is already being built as Web3 and the metaverse sweep across the digital landscape. Our current internet and the emerging innovations could be something better: an internet shaped by the public interest values we all share. An internet that works better for everyone.

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Image of the Movement for a Better Internet panel "Better Internet Session” by Anna Tumadóttir licensed under CC BY 4.0.
Image of the Movement for a Better Internet panel "Better Internet Session” by Anna Tumadóttir licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Building the Movement

We’ve been busy! Organizing Partners for the Movement for a Better Internet have been talking about the movement’s goals at convenings such as Library Forum, DWeb Camp, Unfinished Live, Knight Foundation’s INFORMED: Conversations on Democracy in the Digital Age, and the webinar, Policies for a Better Internet: Securing Digital Rights for Libraries.

More news and events from organizations in the movement:

Coming Soon: Virtual Open Houses

Movement for a Better Internet

In early February, Organizing Partners will be hosting a series of virtual Open Houses for activists, academics, and advocates that have signed up for information about the movement.

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Exploring the Values That Will Shape AI for a Better Internet

Movement for a Better Internet

At this year’s MozFest, team members from the Movement’s organizing partners like Creative Commons, the Internet Archive, and Public Knowledge will host a workshop to think through how artificial intelligence intersects with a better internet.

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Securing Digital Rights for Libraries

Internet Archive

Internet Archive, in collaboration with the Movement for a Better Internet, released “Securing Digital Rights for Libraries: Towards an Affirmative Policy Agenda for a Better Internet,” the culmination of a months-long process consulting with leading experts from libraries, civil society, and academia regarding libraries’ role in shaping the next iteration of the internet.

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Public Interest Values Must Be the Foundation of a Better Internet

Public Knowledge

In a blog post, Public Knowledge CEO Chris Lewis describes how public interest values have shaped the internet so far, and how the public interest community must ensure they continue building a better internet for everyone.

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Movement for a Better Internet is a collaborative effort to ensure that the internet’s evolution is guided by public interest values. Our movement brings together diverse voices, facilitates connections, shares resources, and drives policy change based on a shared public interest vision and agenda we will build together for an internet that benefits us all.

We're inviting organizations passionate about creating this better internet to join the movement. If you're an advocate, academic, or activist working to shape tech policy on behalf of the public interest, we'd like to elevate and amplify your work. Help make a better internet a reality by signing up your organization.

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