17 April 2024 Pop-Up Policy Lab: Perspectives on Copyright Consent in AI Training

04 Apr 2024

We’re excited to announce our upcoming Pop-Up Policy Lab, Perspectives on Copyright Consent in AI Training hosted by Internet Archive on April 17 at 1 PM EST.

Pop-Up Policy Labs are virtual gatherings intended to engage movement members and non-members alike in identifying shared public interest values and methods for shaping policy to create an internet that works better for all.

In a facilitated discussion, we will explore copyright and AI training in the context of nonprofits, researchers, and other actors beyond large companies, so that a Better Internet centers and works for a diverse array of people. Reserve your spot today for the virtual event at the link here.


In the last year, twenty lawsuits have been filed against large companies for training generative AI tools on copyrighted works without consent (i.e., a license) from the rightsholder or original creator. These cases raise important legal, policy, and ethical questions, and they’ve become a dominant focus of debates around AI and the future of the Internet.

The focus of this Pop-Up Policy Lab attempts to foreground other actors training generative AI tools, and other uses of those tools. That is, regardless of how those lawsuits play out, should rules crafted for Big Tech apply in the same way to everyone else, including nonprofits, researchers, and individuals? What impact would licensing requirements have on others, and how would such requirements impact pursuit of a Better Internet?

This Lab will be a discussion, rather than a presentation. We will prime the conversation with a set of examples and invite people to discuss, and invite members to bring their own ideas to the table.

While the conversation will be mindful of the specific legal factors that may matter in different countries, our conversation will aim to more broadly understand whether and how members of the community see context as key when it comes to consent for use of copyrighted works in AI training.

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