24 Oct 2023 Policy Lab: Generative Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Creativity

Movement for a Better Internet

18 Sep 2023

We’re excited to announce the movement’s first-ever policy lab, focused on Generative Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Creativity to be held online on 24 October 2023.

Policy labs are the next step in our collaborative effort to bring together diverse voices, facilitate connections, share resources, and drive policy change based on a shared public interest vision and agenda for an internet that benefits us all. We are designing these labs to engage movement members in mapping areas of alignment, defining policy goals, and later, planning and executing policy campaigns on specific internet topics.

This first lab will focus on:

  • Mapping where there’s alignment among movement members on how we can apply policy to realize the enormous creative potential of generative AI.

  • While also reconciling rights and interests between content creators and AI platforms and users.

Future policy labs will explore other aspects of generative artificial intelligence and other internet practices and technologies.

Read our report summarizing findings from a survey of movement members designed to inform the shape of a policy lab. The topic with the highest level of interest for respondents is Generative AI, Creativity & the Commons; this topic is also the highest priority for respondents. As a result, this topic was chosen as the focus of the upcoming policy lab.

Want to help shape policy for generative AI to help make the internet better for everyone? Join the movement via the form at the bottom of our home page to get an invitation to participate in our 24 October 2023 policy lab!

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