Coming Soon: Virtual Open Houses

Movement for a Better Internet

01 Feb 2023

A key goal of the Movement for a Better Internet is to form a shared agenda shaped by public interest values to achieve an internet that works better for our communities. Well, it’s time to get started!

In early February, we will begin this foundational, collaborative work to help articulate a unified public interest vision and values that will help ensure an internet that works for everyone. Organizing Partners will be hosting a series of virtual Open Houses for activists, academics, and advocates that have signed up for information about the movement.

Through these Open Houses, we'll engage with members of the movement to envision what this better internet could be, understand what they're doing to achieve it in their own work, and look for ways to create more impact together.

Our virtual Open Houses will enable members of the movement to meet some of the Organizing Partners and others in the movement, get insight on motivations and work being done in the movement, and provide impetus for communication and collaboration. We’ll also begin to articulate the values that will drive our work and will underpin our eventual policy goals.

If you've already signed up to be a member of the movement, you will receive an invitation with information on how to register for the Open Houses. If you haven't already signed up to be a member of the movement, just head to the homepage and fill out the form to join us!