Coming Soon: Virtual Policy Labs

Movement for a Better Internet

04 May 2023

A key goal of the Movement for a Better Internet is to form a shared agenda shaped by public interest values to achieve an internet that works better for our communities.  We started the process in February with a series of Open Houses for members of the movement. It was clear that the top reason for excitement about the movement is the opportunity to be more forward-looking in the development of policy, instead of reacting to a crisis. There was also a great deal of respect for work that has been done by other digital rights collectives to articulate overarching vision statements and principles for the internet of the future. This feedback has encouraged us to focus on moving quickly to identify actionable policy priorities and campaigns rather than one comprehensive policy framework for the movement.

Based on the Open Houses and discussion among our Organizing Partners, we’re zeroing in on three themes as our policy focus: 

  • Emerging Technologies: this includes artificial intelligence, decentralized web technologies, and alternative realities (AR/XR/metaverse).

  • Knowledge & Community Institutions: this includes the role of libraries, archives, and other institutions that facilitate access to knowledge and culture, as well as ways that communities of users work together to create and curate information.

  • Infrastructure & Access: this includes foundational infrastructure, public support and funding alternatives, and avoiding or closing digital divides. 

Our next step is to define the scope and parameters for our first set of policy labs, provisionally scheduled to begin in July. These are convenings of the movement designed to engage members in developing policy statements on key topics, and later, designing and executing policy campaigns. Our ultimate goal is to identify one or two shared policy campaigns and plans for rollout in 2024.

We'll also continue to host virtual Open Houses to enable members of the movement to meet some of the Organizing Partners and others in the movement. If you've already signed up to be a member of the movement, you will receive an invitation with information on how to register for the Open Houses and the policy labs. If you haven't already signed up to be a member of the movement, just head to the homepage and fill out the form to join us!