Introducing the “Better Sharing” Illustrations — A Creative Commons & Fine Acts Collaboration

Ony Anukem, Nate Angell

21 Nov 2022

Better Sharing Collection at CC’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Better Sharing Collection at CC's 20th Anniversary Celebration

Photo by Creative Commons, licensed under CC BY 4.0.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Creative Commons and our licenses, we partnered with Fine Acts to commission the “Better Sharing” collection. We are excited to share the collection with the world, which was unveiled last week at CC’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. The artworks are available on to be enjoyed, used and adapted, and then shared again, by anyone, forever.

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In developing this collection of artworks, we posed this question to 12 prominent global open advocates:

What does better sharing for a brighter future look like to you? 

Fine Acts selected 12 well-known international artists who have embraced openness to create a series of visual pieces under an open license, which are inspired by the theme, as well as the responses from the advocates. Learn more about the project at Creative Commons or view the full collection.

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