Virtual Open Houses

Movement for a Better Internet

05 May 2023

Our greatest opportunity for collective impact to ensure the internet works better for everyone is to articulate and advocate for a set of policy priorities rooted in public interest values. We started the process in February with a series of Open Houses for members of the movement. 

We learned that the top reason for excitement about the movement is the opportunity to be more forward-looking in the development of policy. In particular, there was a lot of energy about focusing policy discussions and ultimately campaigns on emerging technologies such as generative AI, XR and VR technologies, and the decentralized web. This feedback has encouraged us to focus on moving quickly to identify actionable policy priorities and campaigns rather than one comprehensive policy framework for the movement.

We'll continue to host Open Houses where we can engage with members of the movement to envision what this better internet could be, understand what they're doing to achieve it in their own work, and look for ways to create more impact together.

If you've already signed up to be a member of the movement, you will receive an invitation with information on how to register for the next round of Open Houses. If you haven't already signed up to be a member of the movement, just head to the homepage and fill out the form to join us!